Prolific Innovations LTD

Catalyzing transformative change in Uganda's agricultural social entrepreneurial landscape

Food Processing and Value Addition

We specialize in agro-processing, where we enhance the market appeal of agricultural products by transforming raw produce into value-added goods.

Climate-Smart Technology

We provide farmers with access to climate-smart technologies, including irrigation solutions and solar energy products.

Training on Policies Supporting Agroecology Practices

We organize training sessions to educate farmers on policies that endorse and encourage agroecological practices.

Organic Fertilizer Production

Prolific Innovations Limited actively supports sustainable agriculture through the production of organic fertilizers.

Women and Youth Empowerment

We provide skill-building programs, mentorship opportunities, and leadership training to empower these groups, fostering self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

Provide Agriculture Loans to Farmers

In response to the financial challenges faced by both youth and farmers, we have identified a need to connect funders with the younger demographic to secure equity capital and loans.


Catalyzing transformative change in Uganda's agricultural social entrepreneurial landscape.


To make agriculture profitable for local farmers in the least fortunate communities in Uganda by providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions, empowering them to thrive.

Our Values:

    • Empower youth, communities and social entrepreneurs to address societal and environmental challenges through innovative and sustainable initiatives.
    • Empower local farmers for profitability and sustainability.
    • Increase social sector employment of youth and enterprise in Uganda by 10% through workforce development initiatives and career counseling.
    • Attract skilled African workers, particularly young individuals, to contribute to the agricultural sector.
    • Cultivate a supportive ecosystem for trained leaders to address social and environmental issues.

    We value our clients
    and offer a personal,
    professional service.
    Prolific Innovations Limited is committed to realizing sustainable development goals by making positive contributions to local livelihoods. The company has already made a meaningful impact by supporting 300 farmers through the provision of agricultural inputs.
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